History of the Col Pradat Lodge at the foot of Mount Sassongher in the Dolomites

In time, the small lodge at the foot of Mount Sassongher became a popular rest house and retreat in the heart of the hiking and skiing area of Alta Badia

In 1920, the pioneer Ernst Happel had a vision: He wanted to “shorten” the hikers’ and mountain climbers’ path to the Dolomites and erected a small, tranquil lodge at the foot of Mount Sassongher. It started out as a rest house and retreat where people could order small meals and drinks. Because this “secret tip” had spread very quickly, the small lodge quickly became no longer suitable for its many visitors, and so in time it developed into a modern, but at the same time comfortable lodge, the Col Pradat Lodge, where all tastes come at that their own cost, and where people still feel good, as they did almost 70 years ago.